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05 July 2016

NSW 'A' CLASS GP 3 - 25th June

The forecast for a cold and blustery day proved correct as the 8 competitors were greeted by a W/SW wind blowing down from the tablelands. This wind direction on the WMYC Dunmore Lakes pond is ideal for providing a very fair wind for all sailors, and the starting line is close to the bank and easily sighted.


The fleet consisted of 5 Gunboats, 1 Privateer, 1 Venom, and 1 Sword. All boats were set up initially with A rigs but as the wind strength gradually increased to about 12knots with gusts to about 20 knots, most of the Gunboats replaced these with B rigs except Selwyn who was using an A2 rig.

The Sword and the Privateer were able to carry their A rigs all day. Brian found the conditions suited his Sword, scoring 8 wins and 2 seconds in the 10 races up to lunch. There was very close racing throughout the fleet with only a few points separating the competitors. During the lunch break the wind eased slightly, and moved further to the South. Luckily, the permanent buoys proved to be in good position meaning we could leave the dinghy ashore as no-one was particularly keen to go in the water, except Ralph H. who wore shorts and had his usual bare feet while the rest of us had coats and waders on all day!!!


The wind continued to ease as the afternoon wore on, and began to peter out as racing was concluded. This provided the conditions that the Gunboats and the Venom enjoy more, as can be seen by the race results after lunch. Jon, Selwyn, Ralph, Gary and Brian D all had good wins and top 3 positions throughout the day, with Allan, Ralf S and Brian J having many great battles and having the speed to keep the others skippers on their toes.


Our Race Officer and Club President Dennis Yarrow is held in high regard and his efforts during the day once again showed why this is so. He was able to conduct 19 races in a way which was relaxed and allowed for breaks every few races, but still kept the event moving at a good pace. Thanks to Laurie for assisting and videoing some races, one of which can be found on YouTube. Lunch was very enjoyable; thanks Al and others for your efforts. Overall, a great day of racing on one of the few days recently when there has been any wind.


1 Brian Dill
2 Selwyn Holland
3 Ralph Hyman
4 Gary Bromley
5 Jon Pinkerton
6 Allan Thompson
7 Ralf Steyer
8 Brian Jackson


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