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23 August 2017

NSW RC Laser Series Round 4 - 20th August

NSW RC Laser Series Round 4

Dobroyd Aquatic Club.

Morning Everyone,

With the last few days of howling winds, it was a relief to turn up for Round 4 of the NSW RC Laser Series at DAC to a very reasonable breeze coming out of the south west; and which remained reasonably constant all day.  The threat was that it was forecast to swing around to the south and beyond during the day; but it did not eventuate.  A few rainy clouds threatened during the day, but we ended with brilliant sunshine.

The course had to be adjusted a number of times to catch up with the wind, but it was relatively minor.  The biggest problem was to try and avoid the holes that stopped you dead if you were caught in one.

We sailed generally on B sails for the day; although a few C sails appeared at different times.  Sometimes, it was right on the limit of the B sail; but most of us persisted successfully.

We welcomed Brian Lindsay and Barry Archer from North Lakes RSC. 

With the lower number of sailors entered, we decided to sail in one fleet, and to separate the sailors into a Gold fleet and a Silver fleet in the results; as the previous Rounds had been sailed.  We also decided that we would rotate the PRO duties through everyone there, so that no-one missed out on sailing for the day.  Hopefully, that has given everyone an idea of what really happens during a race.

We sailed the races in sets of 4 before having a break, and to catch up on the scores.  At the lunch break, Peter Lee and Tony Platt were having a good tussle for the first position; and in the A fleet, Graham Brown and Noel McPherson were level pegging.

We sailed 3 races after lunch to round off the scoring; and in the Silver fleet, Peter and Tony sailed to a tie for first place.  In the Gold fleet, I blew it, and Graham sailed away with the win.

With the scratch races out of the way, we sailed 2 handicap races, with the Silver fleet starting 30 seconds before the Gold fleet in the first race; then 60 seconds in the second race.  Peter Close from the Gold fleet carried off the win in this group.

So, for those who turned up, it was an enjoyable competitive day.  The racing results are enclosed for both fleets.  It was good to see our new sailors in the event, and hopefully will continue to join in these regattas.

Well done to the place getters, but also well done to everyone who entered for a good day’s racing.


Noel McPherson



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