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15 August 2015

Eddie Cowell IOM Cup 2015

It was great to see a large number of skippers turn up for the EC Cup. We had 3 from Western Australia, 2 from Victoria, 6 from New South Wales and 2 from across the ditch New Zealand.

This is a hot fleet, we have a former World Champ and National Champs from both Australia and New Zealand.

The conditions were ideal throughout the 2 days, light to moderate breezes kept everyone in A-rig for the duration of the event. A course was set and the seeding racings got away almost on time.

The racing was close throughout both days. The continual slight wind direction changes made picking the right side of the start line to start from difficult; it varied from race to race. Get it right and you’re in good shape in getting to the top mark first-ish!

The competition was that hot I’m fairly confident that the top half all had visits to either A, B & C fleets at some time during the two days. 

Paul Jones & Rob Nelson were sailing their newly designed boats from Mirage Radio Yachts for the first time, Paul had slight teething problems to start with as expected with it being the first time the boat was on the water, but they were sorted and both finished strong with some good results, third & fourth overall. More time with the boat and who knows. I have posted a YouTube clip of Rob beating Paul which Rob was pleased about :)

Craig Smith was a model of consistency, first 10 races and his worst was a 5th placing - Wow! I guess that’s how you win World Titles. The sail trim on his boat always looks tidy even when over pressed. He won the event by a clear margin even with slight hiccups in the last few races where he got double digits.

Glenn Dawson was always in and around the leading pack, kept out of trouble and sailed consistently and had a convincing win in race 4.

Geoffrey Morris had a few wins and was unlucky not to be further up the leaderboard.

Tim Brown impressed on Sunday, one notable race was where he started dead last but made a great comeback, on the first leg he must have almost past the entire fleet. Last four races were impressive also, if only there was a day 3 :)

To be honest there were no stand out boats with superior boat speed, all designs had their moments,  it basically came down to a good start, sail trim and just damn good helming.

Congratulations to 1st Craig Smith, 2nd Glenn Dawson & 3rd Paul Jones

Many thanks to all who sailed and especially the officials. It might have my name on the title but it’s the hosting club that puts all the work in and has made the event a success over the years with their hospitality and excellent organization.

More pics from Gary Russell here - http://www.ckry.org.au/Eddie_Cowell_2015_day_2/web/index.html

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