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ARYA Constitution

·         July 2015

Boat Registration

·         Boat Registration Process

o   Initial Registration & Alterations

o   Transfer of Registration

Personal Numbers

At The ARYA AGM in South Australia on 17 February, 2016, the following motion was passed unanimously.

"The personal number policy as detailed in Appendix A of this agenda be adopted in full and replaces all previous personal number policies and/or conditions as may have been in force from time to time."  
Proposer: President Sean Wallis Seconded: Secretary Ross Bennett

Personal Number Policy (Read FULLY before submitting an initial or renewal application)

pdflogo Personal Number Application Form v3 (Use for INITIAL application for a NEW Personal Number)

pdflogo Personal Number Renewal Form v3 (Use for RENEWAL application for an EXISTING Personal Number)

pdflogo List of Allocated Personal Numbers


Ranking System

ARYA Insurance

·         Client Policy Document - 2016

·         Certificates of Currency – 2016-2017

o   Queensland

o   New South Wales

o   Australian Capital Territory

o   Victoria

o   Tasmania

o   South Australia

o   Western Australia

o   Northern Territory


David Turton
PO Box 1446,
Buddina, QLD 4575

2017 ARYA Nationals


National Champions

A ClassGlenn Dawson

10RScot Condie

RM Lincoln McDowell

IOM Ian Vickers

RC Laser:  Kirwan Robb

Past National Champions

Past National Champions: Click here


David Turton
PO Box 1446,
Buddina, QLD 4575

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